Monday, October 22, 2012

Bloodsucking Freaks

By Jimmy Squarejaw

All movies reviewed for SUNDAY SNUFF contain graphic depictions that may include rape, live animals being murdered, and extreme gore.  None of the writers condone such acts we just watch this shit. 

Evening gorehounds and all potential psychos, this week I took a recommendation from a fellow horror movie addict and I must say he has restored my faith in the dreaded “friend recommendation.”  He lent me his Vestron Video VHS copy of the infamous BLOODSUCKING FREAKS and insisted I watch it.  So after arguing with myself and drinking numerous pumpkin ales, which turn your shit into the color of melted butter NOT orange, I decided to go against my instinct and watch it and I must say I couldn’t be happier.

BLOODSUCKING FREAKS is a 1976 exploitation movie that pays one hell of a homage to the godfather of gore Herschell Gordon Lewis’s movie WIZARD OF GORE.  The story is about Sardu, an eccentric stage director who, with the help of his dwarf minion Ralphus, kidnaps women all over New York City.  Once in his possession Sardu either brainwashes his victims and makes them performers in his insane stage show or he tortures and kills them for his own amusement, discarding them into a cage full of feral, naked, cannibal women. 

Soon Sardu decides to abduct Natasha, who is a world-renowned dancer, and begins to brainwash and torture her along with a newspaper critic who gave Sardu’s performances a negative review.  However, like all world-renowned dancers in the United States she fills her mouth with the warm loin of the running back for the local football team named Tom Maverick. When Natasha doesn’t turn up for the daily genital exchange he gets a little curious and contacts the police.  From here the police officer and Tom Maverick try and pierce the veil to Sardu’s mysterious performances and solve the numerous unsolved murders that could be somehow connected.

So up until this point you might be going, “what the fuck, where does the madness fit into all of this and why is it being reviewed for Sunday Snuff?”  Let me assure you that almost every moment in BLOODSUCKING FREAKS has either S & M, brutal torture, naked chicks, or bodyparts being cut off and eaten……the best of which is saved for the end scene.  The gore is great and plentiful.  There is head drilling, body part cutting, body splitting, and all sorts of other shit that kept this little gorehound entertained to the fullest.  There is also an excessive amount of nudity, which doesn’t have anything to do with Sunday Snuff…..I’m just saying.  In fact the original version I watched got reissued on DVD by our good friends at Troma with an additional two minutes restored and a brand new X rating so that’s going on the DVD shelf for sure.

I recommend this whole-heartedly for anyone who likes exploitative movies and put into a time perspective this had to be one hell of a troublemaking movie when it got released in 1976!

Blake and Jimmy’s Extreme-O-Gauge!

Realistic Gore: 3 out of 5, like I said there is a lot of gore, not the most realistic though.
Rape: 0 out of 0, not this week kids.
Animal Death: 0 out of 0, none of that either.
Necrophilia: 1 out of 5, there is a great scene regarding this, but all of the details are concealed.
Torture: 5 out of 5, yep this one was a homerun for torture! 
Overall Movie: 5 out of 5, after watching this I immediately bought the X-Rated troma version on DVD with commentary by Eli Roth!


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